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2502 Nanpap Road, Casper, WY 82601

2502 Nanpap Road, Casper, WY 82601
Phone: 307-439-0026
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Technology & Services

Fluid Technology

Well fracturing systems require customization to suit the temperatures, pressures and permeability of the formation and reservoir fluids in the geographic zone. The knowledge and experience of its staff shines in demonstrating the ability to identify and customize the best solution for each situation.

In order to suit a variety of customer needs, Element offers a complete line of fracturing fluid systems offering a variety of solutions including:

  • Water Based Systems
  • Produced Water Systems
  • Slick Water Technology
  • Oil Based Systems
  • Foamed or Energized Systems  
System Type Used for System Required Crosslinked Additional Benefits of System
Water Based Low residue guars (FHG)

Refined guar derivatives (CMHPG)

Uses fresh water

Linear or crosslinked Cost effective

Low compatibility concerns

Produced Water Low residue guars (FHG)
Refined guar derivatives (CMHPG)
Uses produced fresh water
Linear or crosslinked Environmental benefits – recycling

Cost effective

Low compatibility  concerns

Slick Water Focuses on fluid viscosity and friction reducers rather than crosslinking agents and viscosity to place sand

Used in all temperature ranges

No Very low damage
Oil Based Hydrocarbon based fracturing systems compatible with a variety of base oils, distillates or crude oils Yes Water sensitive applications
Foamed or Energized Use water based, linear gels along with a gas phase (nitrogen or CO2) No Energized cleanup

Minimized load fluid

Engineering Services

It all starts with the best engineering talent in the industry.

To maximize client benefit, the Element Advantage offers a complete line of engineering services. An experienced team analyzes and interprets the entire well fracturing program; from pre-job modeling to monitoring each job through a number of channels, allowing for timely, tailored on-the-fly recommendations and insightful post job reporting.

Other Services Include:

Job design and optimization

  • Stimulation modeling software
  • Tubing force analysis and coiled tubing hydraulics software
  • Macroscopic analysis utilizing job history and database fingerprinting
  • Economic Analysis
  • Multistage technology selection
  • WCSB technical and logistical experience

Data acquisition integrating fracturing and coil tubing systems

  • Real-time, downhole data available to the operators
  • One operator controls the whole spread
  • Allows for on-the-fly adjustments to be made
  • Allows for real-time data to be streamed, remotely analyzed and stored

Quality control

  • Sand sieve analysis
  • Fluid performance monitoring
  • Water analysis

Remote Satellite Job View

  • Real-time job optimization
  • Real-time communication
  • Data acquisition and display